How We Teach

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe teaches you how to partner dance by a combination of four methods: private lessons, group classes, practice parties and coaching.

Private Lessons
A private lesson is 45 minutes of one on one instruction. This is the most effective way to further your dance education. We focus on dance steps, technique and styling. We teach all the social dances and employ the nationally recognized DVIDA syllabus for American Smooth and Rhythm as well as International Latin and Standard. You may take private lessons alone or with a partner.

Studio Membership 
Enjoy unlimited use of group classes and practice parties!*

Contact us to schedule your introductory private lesson for further information.

Group Classes
Group classes are 45 minutes of instruction with 2 or more other students. Group classes give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits and usually cost less than a private lesson.

Practice Dance Parties
Practice dance parties are held once a week. This social dance event is a great place for students to have fun and practice what they have learned from their instructors.

A coach is an instructor who is usually distinguished as a current or past dance champion. As coaches visit our area, we invite them to be a third party instructor and an expert eye on our private lessons. Their insight enriches and invigorates the student’s dance goals.

Coaching fees differ depending on the coach. We recommend contacting the studio to find out fees for specific coaches when they are in town. Ask for our coaching schedule to find out who/when coaches will be in town.