Social & Competitive Ballroom


Have you always wanted to learn to dance, but do not know where to start? We would love to help you! We love to show our students how fun and easy it can be to learn to dance. We realize that most people want to take dance lessons so that they can enjoy dancing with their special someone, or meet others when going out dancing. Our lessons will help you develop the social skills, confidence and dance etiquette that will help enhance your experience on the dance floor. Anyone can dance, and so can you! Give us a call to experience the joy of dancing.

Competitive Ballroom

Do you feel like taking your dancing to the next level? Are you looking for more challenge? Perhaps you are an advanced dancer who would like to demonstrate your talents on the dance floor.

We encourage those who feel confident enough in their abilities to try the world of competitive dancing (Pro/Am). Pro/Am is a collaboration between professionals and amateurs in DanceSport. We offer a variety of events and competitions throughout the year to allow advanced students the opportunity to take their dancing to the next level through participation in Dance Showcases and local/national DanceSport competitions.