Pro/Am Dancing vs Social Dancing, North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe

What is the difference between Social & Competitive Dancing?!? Probably the most common question that any dance teacher have to answer .

Social Dancing
Social dancing is a non-competitive version of ballroom and latin dancing as well as night club dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Polka & more).  Usually it is comprised of all the same dances, like Foxtrot, Tango, Swing, or Cha-Cha, but designed to be used in practical settings like wedding receptions, nightclubs, business functions, or informal gatherings.  Social dancing is less formal that exhibition dancing and is meant to be enjoyed while socializing. 

Competitive Dancing or Pro/Am

When it comes to Ballroom Dance and DanceSport, you hear the expression Pro-Am a lot. Pro-Am competition is a category in DanceSport where amateur students partner with a professional dancer, similar to what you see on “Dancing With The Stars.” In these events only the amateur is being judged, leaving the professional free to concentrate on helping you look and dance your best! There are several age classifications and level divisions available, allowing professionals to dance with all their students, and to ensure you compete against other dancers of similar skill. Every dance style is available, so you can choose the dances you want to compete in.


Skills needed for Good Dancing – Social vs Competitive Pro/Am

Leading and Following – The most important skill for good social dancing is Leading and Following.  This is the non-verbal communication from the leader to the follower indicating the direction, timing, and style, among other things. If deciding to compete in a Pro/Am category with your dance teacher, you better be ready to take your dancing to the next level. Be ready to understand your own routine and eventually your partner’s steps. Directions become absolutely “must know” and your timing have to become very clear and easy to understand. The physical connection and understanding of yours and your partners body weight will be crucial for a good synchron. Creating space for your partner and making him/her look better will be an important task to master.

Posture and Dance Frame – When social dancing, your posture is important to the extend where you don’t want to look down and hopefully you don’t disturb your partner. Your dance frame in the world of social dancing is probably the very last thing that thoroughly matters, so just bread and enjoy your time on the floor. When it gets to Pro/Am dancing, be sure to keep a great posture and a wonderful dance frame, that the style you are dancing requires. I can promise you, that frame and posture will be the two things you will probably spend the most time during your hard practices, because without those two, competitive dancing would not work well for you.If Leading and Following is a message, then good posture and dance frame are the antenna broadcasting the signal is what you can think of when competing. 


Ultimately, social dancing is having the ability to converse while dancing.  Being able to multi-task, like chatting about work or the weather while Waltzing, takes some practice but allows dancing to develop into natural use much quicker and that’s as far as it goes. Making a dance mistake, while having a blast in a salsa / bachata club is perfectly fine as long as you are smiling and the person dancing with you understand that you are not competing. When you are preparing to compete, the level of multi – tasking changes right the way. You will have to practice over and over different moves with the correct posture, frame, alignment, timing, styling and so on… Once you are on the floor, you should have everything memorized and focus on the one and only thing that matters – dancing your very best.


If you are not willing to spend much, then social dancing is for sure to go. Not having to attend any events and the low dance expectations will save you some cash. You can always buy cheap dancing shoes and use about any clothes you have for your practice. You can skip practices with weeks and always come back with a big smile. If you are exited to compete and to be the very best dancer that you can possibly be… I f you are looking forward to every lesson with your instructor and you are always ready to learn some new information (after you practice the old one for hours every day)… If you are ready to skip your wedding anniversary because there is a local dance competition that you have prepared for months (please look at your schedule and find a different comp or you are risking a bit ;))… That simply means that you are a dance competitor and there’s nothing to stop you from your dream. YES, Pro/Am has a cost behind and it’s important to understand it from the beginning of your dance journey. Besides paying for dance lessons and group classes, dance student will need to buy practice clothes (please buy quality practice clothes, since they will be the only one with the proper cut,weight and movement), good practice and competitive shoes (ENGLAND!!!!!), eventually a dress or dresses (depends on how many styles of dancing you are competing in), costumes for the guys, hair and make up for the ladies (possibly for the guys as well), maybe some dance jewelry for the ladies. Every dance event (dance showcase or a dance competition) cost money to attend and the teacher or the studio have to be compensated for their time and commitment. 

The most expensive places to dance at and do dance events are without any doubt the franchise studios (rather not mentioning their names). If you are excited to dance and want to be a good dancer, make sure you find an independent dance studio and don’t forget to do your research before starting your dance journey. As any other business, they are plenty of so called “dance teachers” that should not be teaching you. If you are not getting a clear answer for your dance questions or if you feel no progress (worst is when you are a beginner student and you find out that your “dance teacher” has 2 months of dance experience)  – please find another one…

Last but not least – Should you do a Pro/Am?!?

Many students find that training for a goal, such as competition or a dance show, focuses them and allows them to apply the ‘outside world’s’ ways of measuring results to an art form that has an always moving future. And, allowing you to forgo responsibility for much of the partnering aspect will, as you are being told, allow you to feel like you are concentrating your energy and effort to yourself solely, without the cumbersome issues that real partnering presents – not only the mechanics like compromise, scheduling, and interaction, but also in dance aspects like compromise, interaction, and presentation.

Expense of course is relative in any hobby or pursuit – but if it makes you happy, there is not dollar value that is too great, in my opinion. However, dance is a journey and not a goal, no matter how often your studio ties the memorization of steps and choreography to a specific level or rate of success. You can be a great dancer with very few movements, and a very bad one with millions of steps.

Dancing and performing with your teacher is one the very best things that you can possibly imagine and unless you tried it at least once you will never find out what you’re missing


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Momentum in Ballroom and Latin Dancing


So, what is the secret? You’ve seen the videos of professional dancers flowing through step after step, so seamlessly you can’t even tell where one pattern ended and another began. But when you dance, it feels like each step clunks down about as smoothly as bricks on a wall.

The differences between what you see and what you dance yourself lie in how you direct your momentum from point A to B. When practicing the techniques below, always remember that the end goal is to dance efficiently, by conserving momentum with minimal effort. Why? Because it’s the loss of momentum that makes your dance feel so clunky.

Rolling Through the Steps
Probably the first momentum-generating technique we are taught, the goal is to simply travel in a straight line, using the following foot technique:

For Smooth/Standard: Walk normally. Notice how your heel strikes the ground first, then rolls to the front of your foot as you take your next step. Concentrate on keeping your body level by softening your knees, and push off the back foot to create your forward energy. Don’t lean forward! If it starts to feel like the concourse at an airport, you know you’re getting somewhere. Do the same thing backwards, this time by sliding the ball of the foot back, and letting it roll until the heel makes contact.

For Rhythm/Latin: Slide forward on the balls of your feet, NEVER losing contact with the floor. There’s no foot rolling action here, but there is hip-rolling action. As your weight transfers forward and your heel kisses the ground, let that forward energy settle into your hip, rolling it backwards, until it almost feels like your weight is moving towards your heel. The energy must roll forwards again, so send it into the opposite hip, stepping forward as you do, and repeat. The movement should feel like an infinity symbol rolling around in your hips, fed and maintained with your forward (or backward) momentum.

Aim for Zero
At rest, we must always return to the balls of our feet. This means we anticipate the amount of energy we need to get from point A to B, and practice until we can transfer from ball to ball without wasting energy. One way we do this, especially on the side steps, is by driving a wedge out with the inside of the free foot, then rolling to a flat on the weight transfer. Why? Because the rolling action helps to slow us down, exactly as much as our transfer to the side ‘sped us up’ so we come to rest over our foot – at zero. In smooth/standard, we use this technique for our forward and backward movements too, rolling through our foot to ensure continuous movement.

Of course, we don’t actually want to stop moving on the dance floor – we want to stay balanced and in control. Because uncontrolled momentum is lost momentum.

Blending the Movement
The above techniques are great for single-direction travel, but what about changing directions (i.e. turns)? We are already completing each weight change on the balls of our feet, which is the best place for them to pivot, if needed. Now it’s up to our body rotation (smooth/standard), or our hip rotation (rhythm/Latin) to rotate strongly enough to turn the rest of our body along a new path. This includes anything from the waltz reverse turn to a triple spin in mambo – the only change in our bodies is how strongly we rotate. Also, we must make the turn as we arrive on a new foot, or in others words, the last instant before our forward energy would stop. Wait longer, and you’ll have to ‘force’ the twist to build up momentum again. Turn too early, and you won’t be balanced on the ball, and end up falling out of the turn. Blend the energy from the previous movement into the new one, and nothing will be lost.

Juggling Energy
In ballroom dancing, your partner is just as important as you are for conserving momentum. The two of you must be constantly working in tandem or in opposition to each other, in order to keep energy juggling between you. One common way this is expressed is through a light but responsive frame, which acts as a shock absorber for any movement – it can compress and extend, but always with resistance, and like the willow branch, it immediately snaps back to place once the pressure is reduced. Often, the follower acts as a shock absorber for the leader, bending slightly to receive his momentum, which then travels into her body and moves her a split second later. A back-leading follower might think she is helping, but in reality she’s killing the momentum for both of them.

Remember that, like the fast car, there are no sudden stops or changes. Work hard to make every movement soft but irresistible, and enjoy the gloriously flowing dance that arises.

Full Credit to the Author: Ian Crewe

Ballroom & Latin Dance Teacher

What a wonderful Sunday it was… Just another incredible weekend, thanks to our students here in Glencoe Ballroom Club!

After another day of teaching, something made me realize how lucky and blessed We are (all dance teachers) ! To dress well, wear an extremely comfortable dance shoes, always perfect temperature in the dance studio, practicing with fantastic people that we are happy to call our students or meeting potential one, but most importantly – being part of someone’s dance life and creating a great friendships!!!

It takes special training, knowledge, patience, humor and love of people to be a teacher of any kind. This is a time consuming and important responsibility, but a very rewarding profession.

In everyone’s life there are certain significant and special people who have influenced your life.  Throughout the years, I have had the chance to work on my dancing with some great teachers and most importantly motivators, but the strongest impact in my dance career has been made by dance students. Our students come into our lives with their own purpose and reason and often that is more than just – salsa, bachata or kizomba. They are coming for a life changing experience for them and for us.

Dance students and dance teachers often have a common goal – help each other grow!

To finish my short write up, I would like to share what an incredible friend and a dance student of mine, recently told me:

“The start of a better world, or a better life, or a better future is simply our belief that is possible. Dance teachers are meant to inspire, especially in difficult times. They remind us that self -confidence can work wonders, but mutual confidence can work miracles. Aleks, for the fact that you believe in me and in my dream to dance, I believe in myself”

Sending much love to everyone reading it!!!

Aleksandar Bonev

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe, IL


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Life of a Ballroom Dancer

Recently someone told me – “The world will always try to say who you are, but it’s only up to you to decide”

The truth is that everyone decides their own future, which is define by their own actions. Every action has a consequences, some are good and some not so much…

My very first step into the world of dancing was about 24 years ago and that was definitely not my choice, but my parents were the one to make it. I have to say that this was the very best thing that they have done for me and will be forever grateful.

My love for dancing was, is and will always be so hard to describe… Dancing has given me so much, that I can say that I am who I am because of that incredible sport/art/love

Life of a professional dancer is an absolutely beautiful adventure and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to experience it.   From the moment you meet your partner, through the long hours of practices, travelling for coachings to the moment on the competitive dance floor…. Every single moment is so precious and beautiful.

The beginning…

While searching for a dance partner, usually people try out dancing with different dancers and discuss goals (usually professional). If they feel that they are the right match, then they start working together. In my case, I had the opportunity to partner with a few magnificent bulgarian ladies while competing in Europe. After coming to U.S. ,  7 years ago, my main focus was to teach people and share my passion for dancing, leaving behind my professional development.

December 22nd. 2017 I met with a girl from Easter Europe for a “try out” and the magic happened…. Honestly it felt like words are not needed  and then it begin…

As a professional dancers we often have to sacrifice time,money and much more to proceed the ultimate goal – improvement. Injuries and a constant pain are just normal day to day thing.

Bottom line is that personally I love my life, have made a clear choice and excited about dancing more then ever.

Aleksandar Bonev

Co-Owner of North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe

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Happy Thanksgiving to all dancers!!!

Dear dance friends,

The trees I see through the dance studio windows are changing their colors. It takes my breath away when the sun shines through those trees. Love teaching dance lessons and seeing the beauty of the weather outside. I am thankful…

In this grateful season between raking leaves and preparing our students for some upcoming dance events, as well as working on our professional dancing, I want to invite you to spend some time in prayerful reflection of all the things that we can be thankful for in our dance world.

 For myself, some things I am most grateful for include my fantastic dance students and friends, the beautiful studio that I am part of, the fantastic ukrainian person that share the same passion and love, the dance events that I was able to attend and of course most importantly the health that God gave’s me.

Besides dancing, I am also thankful for the frustration that offer me a chance to develop patience, for the challenges that encourage personal growth, and most of all, for the moments where my heart is open and my mind is quiet enough, that I can see the glimpses of grace that God is sending into my life.

It is this moments that we need to intentionally stop to give thanks to God, to acknowledge that we have all that we need, most of what we want, and an abundant piece of the promised peace of God – all of which exceeds well beyond anything we can ask for or imagine.

May your Thanksgiving be a time filled with giving thanks, of delighting in love, and of dancing with a big smile.

Blessings to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aleksandar Bonev

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Dance Students

Dancing…Blood, sweat, tears, time, commitment, passion, love, hard work, dedication, time, money…

In about seven days, it will be my 24th dance anniversary, anniversary with the love of my life…

But it was that long ago (only twelve years) since I started teaching people the art of dance and sharing my passion for what I consider “The most difficult yet so beautiful ” art that you can imagine.

Throughout the years I had the opportunity to work with wonderful (and not so much…) people with great personalities. Many of my students, extremely accomplished in personal and business level had thought me so much and help me developed the person I am today.

Sometimes students come and go, realizing how hard it is, how much work they have to put into achieving their goals (sometimes they have non and that doesn’t make the teacher’s life easy), how much it cost (YES,dancing is not the cheapest sport) or sometimes just because they find their own reason.

Besides the students that come and go, there’s also some really unique and special students that simply never give up and always find they way to keep going. Students that would do anything and everything to make their dream come true, regardless of every obstacle, regardless of what their friends or relatives think, regardless of the pain sometimes they feel (YES – dancing comes with pain sometimes), regardless…

I have the honor to know people that never give up, dancers that would do what it takes to improve, to get better and to smile when they want to cry. Some of those people are as I call them – my best friends, dance friends, students of mine, dance partners and most importantly – people that I can trust, that they will be next to me when I need them the most, and for that I Thank them…

Often teachers forget, that we are who we are, thanks to our students. Our students are the once, we should thank for everything and I fully believe in it!

When I think who should I be grateful for (it’s #Thanksgiving at the end of the day ), immediately i think of my dance students.

Thank you ALL and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


Aleksandar Bonev

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe

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Dance journey, passion, desire, life and so much more…

Dance journey, passion, desire, life and so much more…

Who defines the body beautiful, and how has this definition been affected by feminism, multiculturalism, mass media and new technologies? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what kinds of images still have the power to produce such sensory experience?

All of these questions have very simple answer – the art of dance!

For me there’s no question about beauty in life, beauty in art, beauty as existence. When I experience something that is fully what it is — when it doesn’t present itself as being something but just is — then I feel I’m witnessing beauty. Galloping horses are beautiful, but the horses are not galloping and thinking, ”Oh, we are so graceful.” If they were thinking this, then they might not be beautiful.

I think that good art is autobiographical. This is about perception. It’s personal. There is a way that both the ugly and the beautiful can coexist. But the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth — you’ve got to look like this, now you’ve got to look like that. Well, let’s talk about what is good art, how do you make good art, and what is integrity in craftsmanship.

Creating energy and motion in dancing is absolutely incredible but without passion, desire and a sip of love it simply feels dry.

What does the audience want, and what are we creating? We lose the audience when things slow down and become a little more like nature. This is connected to the state of the world now, and the destruction of nature. It’s impatience with things that take time.

Deciding to be in a position to think bigger then you could ever imagine yourself being is one of the most important things for every dancer (regardless the level). It took me a while to to give myself permission to play much bigger role in my own life then I’ve ever imagined and I blame/thank dancing for that!

Dreams exist for a reason… Dreams are things that you have not achieved yet, but you want so much, that there’s no sacrifice you are not willing to make!

Passion to be a dancer and so much more is the best thing in this world for me and I thank God for every day I can take a dance step!

Co-Owning a Dance Studio in one of the most beautiful places in Illinois and having my Annual Dance event is a privilege in my life that I cherish and feel extremely happy with!

There’s no passion without love, there’s no desire without dreams, there’s no future without goals….

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step” – Lao Tzu


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Dancing – Make your future self happy

In the late 2009 I had to go through one of the hardest moments in my life, when I was told to leave the dance practice floor at the place I first started dancing…. To say that was a hard breaking may not be enough, at the end of the day that was my home, my dream, my passion, my love, my everything… The reason to be ask to leave was, that I missed 2 major dance events due to surgery of my right toe (my teacher didn’t exactly care, since that created too much stress on finding a guy to dance instead of me). After feeling absolutely miserable and disappointed, I tried to pull myself back and in the next 2 months I did my best to prove to everyone how good I was, how talented and so forth. At the end I was able to get back my place into the dance school, without realizing that I was simply trying to prove something to other people, to make other people proud and happy…. At that time, I forgot what really matter to me – the art of dance, the joy of being on the floor, the pleasure of expressing myself with variety of movements. In 2010 i was selected to dance in a TV show “Bailando” with at that time, the youngest female in the Bulgarian parliament (apparently she was the star). The final price for whoever wins the show was to make your dreams come true (in my case, I was dancing for my very best friend, who was in a major accident and is disabled after that). 











That was probably the real turning point in my life, because I was able to see the other side of dance, the other side of my career in general. Since that time, I promised myself that regardless of any circumstances I will dancing, I will be happy and successful (subjective and not trying to compare). Will never stop dreaming big, never stop progressing and making MYSELF happy and proud of who I am…

Dancer, competitor, teacher, dreamer…

In the mid 2011 I won a lottery for Green Card to US and the rest… The rest is that dream that i will continue working towards, every single day…Because the best is yet to come…

My suggestion to all students is to dream big, practice your dancing every day and be happy…. Nothing else matters

Don’t ever be in a position to regret about unused opportunities…


Aleksandar Bonev – Co-Owner of

North Shore Dance Society Glencoe

660 Vernon Ave

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What dancing means to me…

Dance for me is like the air. Without dancing, I wouldn’t be able to leave… If you start dancing once, it is forever. The body and the soul suffer if you deprive them of it. Dancing is love…

For me, dance is an inspiration, feeling, rhythm and way of life. By learning to understand and communicate through dance, you learn much more about the movement, as such, in all its forms, and you get a different kind of aesthetics and perception of space

For me, dancing is a total example of occupation and art, bringing happiness and completeness, because it can combine form and content directly. Only in the bosom of dance the form and the content are not distant and our effort to unite them is only a question of sincerity. It is the articulation of reality and its notion of it without intermediaries such as language, logic, culture, etc., that is, in its primacy it is expressed in a tight and sufficient way, without need of context and conditionality.

While dancing, the gesture itself is already an expression. It is the reality of this art that must make sense. As far as it is Primary Reflection of Reality (how unintelligible these two concepts combine to dance), it is absolutely necessary to have a way to work with our energy and to be happy.

Dancing is a very good thing. Movement is  everything. Even if you’re still, you’re still moving. Your heart jumps from inside and sings and you are such a high and bright, calm, because you are alive, otherwise you can not move if you die, though. Besides, it’s nice, because moving is the best…

If you move, because inside you wants to and you can not do it, then you dance because you want because you feel because you breathe. The dance comes from the inside out, not from outside – for me it is quite simple. Love = dance. The other is parliament and gymnastics. Soul is important. Without a soul there is no dance. A movement with soul makes your dancing different

Dance has excited me long before I entered the competition floor and figured out what a technique, class, stand, pace … as I was small, it was just the inspiration to mimic this energy that makes the dancers move and the audience to does not look away from them

Dance was and is an opportunity – to find yourself in front of others and at the same time to put on a mask and not to be judged. Opportunity to experiment, explore, demonstrate, be free or limited in your own fears. Ability to overcome yourself. It satisfies many needs. To me, it is very often the “tweaking” of the ego – they all look, want, explore, and thus create a particular energy field that you can experience only there “on stage, in the dark or under the spotlight

In the dance you have to feel free and then it shows a new world. I do not know if the emotion moves the dance or the dance moves the emotion, but they can not do without one another. Going through different styles, I understand that the technique is necessary for dance like the words of speech, but without “filing” you can not write a bestseller, only the lyrics of a song – all understand and sing, but never bark or tear, build a relationship, and give the performer that mystical energy. Dance is not climbing the ladder to some glory and grandeur, but opening and closing the door, collapsing and flying

The dance has always made me feel like a toddler – boldly and indiscriminately and with very poor coordination. Because the dance is immense and rebellious. You can never be good enough.

Creativity is a mysterious inner process that remains closed for connoisseurs. We can not see Michelangelo working. We can only imagine the very process of the great artists and sculptures, while in the dance we have been given the unique opportunity to witness the creation of a masterpiece, a living masterpiece that is happening in front of the audience. And I still think that dance is a state of mind and is embedded in us as the primary expression of emotion, just as the smile, just some gesture of joy or of another emotional state

Of course, I’m talking about his most primitive existence within us, not about the good and great virtuosos in the ballet, for example. The dance has developed a lot over the years in the thousands of dusty halls around the world, but I think that before going into the hall and the opera has come out of ourselves. With its therapeutic property, dance becomes a drug for dancers, dance can heal, we all know it and that’s why we dance

With love for dance…


Article by Aleksandar Bonev 7/15/2018

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe, IL

660 Vernon Ave

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When We Dance…

When we dance, we make our essence…. This is the very best way to express ourselves.

The way you move along the dance floor can reveal a lot about what kind of person you are. Your movements just seem at first glance spontaneous. Behind them are hidden features of your character. Dancing makes you more or less extrovert, closed or distant. Experts have analyzed the movements of amateur dancers, then subjected them to a psychological test. The result are categorical – the way you are on the dance floor is probably similar to the person in your normal life. Thus, the relationship between gestures, movements of body parts (pelvis, legs, neck and arms) is made with the speed of movement – fast, energetic, flexible, chaotic and bouncing. The dance recognizes the dominant features in the mores – whether you are shy or emotional, abstaining and magnetic … We offer you four types – judge who you fall.

With many movements

You curl your head and arms actively, turn your hips and shoulders – this shows that you are energetic and self-confident people. This way of dancing is typical of extrovert natures that are very mobile both on the dance floor and in life. You love being among people, having fun, being in the company and being surrounded by friends. Easily communicate with strangers and tie up new acquaintances. This coincides with the impression you create around others – you want to be in the spotlight and focus, be active. Your favorite dances are probably Jive, Swing, Mambo, Salsa, Bachata & Quick Step. This style of dancing with many movements speaks of a dynamic and social nature, a heart-seeking and active person looking for sensation and realization.

With tenderness and grace 

Flexibly twist your neck, arms and head, giving the impression that you are sliding on the dance floor. In your dance there is an idea, a thought and a state. You are open to the associations and boldly experiment. There is a lot of charm in this choreography and it speaks of an optimistic and joyful temperament, of a sincere and dedicated personality. You feel equally well with heels and sneakers because you are casual and gentle. Your loved one will spend a wonderful evening with you…

With sharp gestures

You touch your legs and arms in all directions. The feeling is that your movements are abrupt and chaotic, and this creates the feeling that you are emotionally unstable.  These mad gestures characterize you as an anxious person, a person with an independent and free-loving temper. The bad thing is that your mood is constantly changing and you are prone to stress. You need a sentimental support.

Quickly, but subtly

You move mostly your hands, and your legs move slightly, as if sliding on ice. This style of reasoning, without giving the rhythm, speaks for a lack of imagination but also for very positive qualities. In fact, you are a serious and organized nature, very precise and savvy. It’s about a conscientious person who can be relied on.

At North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe , we recognize the different personality dancers and always try to redirect and improve the experience of everyone.

We teach Ballroom, Latin & Night Club Dances.


Article by North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe,Il 660 Vernon Ave

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