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So you want to improve your dancing ability… but how can you do that when you have work, school, a social life, AND rehearsals to juggle?

Though it may be hard to work your schedule around taking classes, you can always work in some extra things in order to stay on top of your dance game.

Remember, consistency is key. Progress doesn’t come from doing something once in a while, it comes from doing something every day.2

Here are a few things you can start practicing daily to improve your dancing ability!


1. Improve Your Dancing With… Morning Stretches
One of the best ways to start your day is to set up a morning stretching routine.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly long or hard, but the simple act of getting up and getting your body moving is a great way to jump start the day.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or longer to increase your flexibility. This will make your range of motion wider when you execute movements.

 2. Improve Your Dancing By… Practicing Muscle Memory

‘Muscle Memory’ is a motor skill acquired by repetition.

The best thing about muscle memory is that you can practice in your everyday routines.

Practice “ticking” while waiting in traffic or during study sessions.

When you’re working or studying, take a 3-5 minute break and practice a specific move you’re trying to refine or acquire. After doing it a couple times, move on to another move.

You want to build a pool of moves so when the time comes, your body will be trained to execute them on the fly during practice or class.

3. Improve Your Dancing By… Reviewing Old Sets And Pieces

Don’t stop practicing the choreo when the piece is done being taught! You can prolong the effects of a class by practicing and polishing it afterwards.

Review pieces you’ve learned and keep it fresh in your mind. If you feel like you are starting to forget how a piece went, take the time to re-learn it.

This conditions your mind to consistently think about body placement.

On top of that, how many times during practice does someone play and old piece and that one member always flawlessly executes? I was always jealous of those people. You can be one of them if you just practice!

 4. Improve Your Dancing By… Watching Dance Videos

Chances are dance videos is probably what got you into the ‘urban dance scene’ in the first place.

Watching is not the same as doing, but it can be just as valuable a practice.

Watch a video with the intent to learn from it, not just be wow-ed by it. Think about the connections between the movements, how the choreographer interpreted certain sounds, their performance, the execution, etc.

Not sure where to start? You can always check on the home page of STEEZY for your daily dose of dance videos!

5. Improve Your Dancing By… Eating Better

This one’s hard – I mean, who wants to give up their precious, precious practice snacks? But poor eating habits can be detrimental to your learning abilities.

Midnight runs to Seven Eleven or McDonald’s have a far bigger impact on your dance ability than you may think.

If you can give up these tasty treats, plan ahead and pack some fruits or veggies if you know you have a long practice ahead of you.

Good eating habits lead to better living, and with your body being your most precious commodity as a dancer, you want to make sure your engine is clean and ready for anything.


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