Dance journey, passion, desire, life and so much more…

Dance journey, passion, desire, life and so much more…

Who defines the body beautiful, and how has this definition been affected by feminism, multiculturalism, mass media and new technologies? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what kinds of images still have the power to produce such sensory experience?

All of these questions have very simple answer – the art of dance!

For me there’s no question about beauty in life, beauty in art, beauty as existence. When I experience something that is fully what it is — when it doesn’t present itself as being something but just is — then I feel I’m witnessing beauty. Galloping horses are beautiful, but the horses are not galloping and thinking, ”Oh, we are so graceful.” If they were thinking this, then they might not be beautiful.

I think that good art is autobiographical. This is about perception. It’s personal. There is a way that both the ugly and the beautiful can coexist. But the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth — you’ve got to look like this, now you’ve got to look like that. Well, let’s talk about what is good art, how do you make good art, and what is integrity in craftsmanship.

Creating energy and motion in dancing is absolutely incredible but without passion, desire and a sip of love it simply feels dry.

What does the audience want, and what are we creating? We lose the audience when things slow down and become a little more like nature. This is connected to the state of the world now, and the destruction of nature. It’s impatience with things that take time.

Deciding to be in a position to think bigger then you could ever imagine yourself being is one of the most important things for every dancer (regardless the level). It took me a while to to give myself permission to play much bigger role in my own life then I’ve ever imagined and I blame/thank dancing for that!

Dreams exist for a reason… Dreams are things that you have not achieved yet, but you want so much, that there’s no sacrifice you are not willing to make!

Passion to be a dancer and so much more is the best thing in this world for me and I thank God for every day I can take a dance step!

Co-Owning a Dance Studio in one of the most beautiful places in Illinois and having my Annual Dance event is a privilege in my life that I cherish and feel extremely happy with!

There’s no passion without love, there’s no desire without dreams, there’s no future without goals….

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step” – Lao Tzu


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