Dance Students

Dancing…Blood, sweat, tears, time, commitment, passion, love, hard work, dedication, time, money…

In about seven days, it will be my 24th dance anniversary, anniversary with the love of my life…

But it was that long ago (only twelve years) since I started teaching people the art of dance and sharing my passion for what I consider “The most difficult yet so beautiful ” art that you can imagine.

Throughout the years I had the opportunity to work with wonderful (and not so much…) people with great personalities. Many of my students, extremely accomplished in personal and business level had thought me so much and help me developed the person I am today.

Sometimes students come and go, realizing how hard it is, how much work they have to put into achieving their goals (sometimes they have non and that doesn’t make the teacher’s life easy), how much it cost (YES,dancing is not the cheapest sport) or sometimes just because they find their own reason.

Besides the students that come and go, there’s also some really unique and special students that simply never give up and always find they way to keep going. Students that would do anything and everything to make their dream come true, regardless of every obstacle, regardless of what their friends or relatives think, regardless of the pain sometimes they feel (YES – dancing comes with pain sometimes), regardless…

I have the honor to know people that never give up, dancers that would do what it takes to improve, to get better and to smile when they want to cry. Some of those people are as I call them – my best friends, dance friends, students of mine, dance partners and most importantly – people that I can trust, that they will be next to me when I need them the most, and for that I Thank them…

Often teachers forget, that we are who we are, thanks to our students. Our students are the once, we should thank for everything and I fully believe in it!

When I think who should I be grateful for (it’s #Thanksgiving at the end of the day ), immediately i think of my dance students.

Thank you ALL and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


Aleksandar Bonev

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe

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