Happy Thanksgiving to all dancers!!!

Dear dance friends,

The trees I see through the dance studio windows are changing their colors. It takes my breath away when the sun shines through those trees. Love teaching dance lessons and seeing the beauty of the weather outside. I am thankful…

In this grateful season between raking leaves and preparing our students for some upcoming dance events, as well as working on our professional dancing, I want to invite you to spend some time in prayerful reflection of all the things that we can be thankful for in our dance world.

 For myself, some things I am most grateful for include my fantastic dance students and friends, the beautiful studio that I am part of, the fantastic ukrainian person that share the same passion and love, the dance events that I was able to attend and of course most importantly the health that God gave’s me.

Besides dancing, I am also thankful for the frustration that offer me a chance to develop patience, for the challenges that encourage personal growth, and most of all, for the moments where my heart is open and my mind is quiet enough, that I can see the glimpses of grace that God is sending into my life.

It is this moments that we need to intentionally stop to give thanks to God, to acknowledge that we have all that we need, most of what we want, and an abundant piece of the promised peace of God – all of which exceeds well beyond anything we can ask for or imagine.

May your Thanksgiving be a time filled with giving thanks, of delighting in love, and of dancing with a big smile.

Blessings to everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aleksandar Bonev

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