What dancing means to me…

Dance for me is like the air. Without dancing, I wouldn’t be able to leave… If you start dancing once, it is forever. The body and the soul suffer if you deprive them of it. Dancing is love…

For me, dance is an inspiration, feeling, rhythm and way of life. By learning to understand and communicate through dance, you learn much more about the movement, as such, in all its forms, and you get a different kind of aesthetics and perception of space

For me, dancing is a total example of occupation and art, bringing happiness and completeness, because it can combine form and content directly. Only in the bosom of dance the form and the content are not distant and our effort to unite them is only a question of sincerity. It is the articulation of reality and its notion of it without intermediaries such as language, logic, culture, etc., that is, in its primacy it is expressed in a tight and sufficient way, without need of context and conditionality.

While dancing, the gesture itself is already an expression. It is the reality of this art that must make sense. As far as it is Primary Reflection of Reality (how unintelligible these two concepts combine to dance), it is absolutely necessary to have a way to work with our energy and to be happy.

Dancing is a very good thing. Movement is  everything. Even if you’re still, you’re still moving. Your heart jumps from inside and sings and you are such a high and bright, calm, because you are alive, otherwise you can not move if you die, though. Besides, it’s nice, because moving is the best…

If you move, because inside you wants to and you can not do it, then you dance because you want because you feel because you breathe. The dance comes from the inside out, not from outside – for me it is quite simple. Love = dance. The other is parliament and gymnastics. Soul is important. Without a soul there is no dance. A movement with soul makes your dancing different

Dance has excited me long before I entered the competition floor and figured out what a technique, class, stand, pace … as I was small, it was just the inspiration to mimic this energy that makes the dancers move and the audience to does not look away from them

Dance was and is an opportunity – to find yourself in front of others and at the same time to put on a mask and not to be judged. Opportunity to experiment, explore, demonstrate, be free or limited in your own fears. Ability to overcome yourself. It satisfies many needs. To me, it is very often the “tweaking” of the ego – they all look, want, explore, and thus create a particular energy field that you can experience only there “on stage, in the dark or under the spotlight

In the dance you have to feel free and then it shows a new world. I do not know if the emotion moves the dance or the dance moves the emotion, but they can not do without one another. Going through different styles, I understand that the technique is necessary for dance like the words of speech, but without “filing” you can not write a bestseller, only the lyrics of a song – all understand and sing, but never bark or tear, build a relationship, and give the performer that mystical energy. Dance is not climbing the ladder to some glory and grandeur, but opening and closing the door, collapsing and flying

The dance has always made me feel like a toddler – boldly and indiscriminately and with very poor coordination. Because the dance is immense and rebellious. You can never be good enough.

Creativity is a mysterious inner process that remains closed for connoisseurs. We can not see Michelangelo working. We can only imagine the very process of the great artists and sculptures, while in the dance we have been given the unique opportunity to witness the creation of a masterpiece, a living masterpiece that is happening in front of the audience. And I still think that dance is a state of mind and is embedded in us as the primary expression of emotion, just as the smile, just some gesture of joy or of another emotional state

Of course, I’m talking about his most primitive existence within us, not about the good and great virtuosos in the ballet, for example. The dance has developed a lot over the years in the thousands of dusty halls around the world, but I think that before going into the hall and the opera has come out of ourselves. With its therapeutic property, dance becomes a drug for dancers, dance can heal, we all know it and that’s why we dance

With love for dance…


Article by Aleksandar Bonev 7/15/2018

North Shore Dance Society – Glencoe, IL

660 Vernon Ave

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